The Simpler Way
Streamline your online data collection.


The Simpler Way

Inet streamlines research with online data collection. Our unique and highly rigorous project delivery has gained international recognition. Inet makes it simple to deliver solutions to your most challenging studies.

In 1998 Inet International Inc. was founded by Steve Goldberg as a Canadian technology management consulting firm. Today, Inet delivers online data collection services and manages a proprietary online panel of Canadian healthcare professionals.

Data Collection Service

An Inet online data collection project's core component is a privacy protocol used to field online studies. This protocol ensures no respondent identifiable information, and no personal contact information is collected. This is used throughout the entire Inet project life cycle including:

  1. Survey Programming, Hosting, and Translation
  2. Online sample solutions
  3. Translate Open-end question back to English
  4. Data Preparation and Delivery

Online Canadian Health Care Panel

Inet is the primary source for Canadian sample of healthcare professionals. The Inet panel is owned and operated by Inet.

When the largest international healthcare research agencies are looking for Canadian sample solutions, they come to Inet.

Why Inet

  • +25,000 Inet Healthcare panel members
  • Delivered over 4,000 studies
  • Healthcare research expertise
  • Canadian owned & operated
  • +25 years in business

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